So I had to go to the Walk-In Clinic this morning because I decided I would try using Nair last night. I have chronic Folliculitis, which is a bacterial infection of your hair follicles. What this means is that basically shaving my legs, chest, and arms is a big, bacterial, bloody mess. I can only use a razor once, I’m not supposed to use washcloths or loofas in the shower, I’m only supposed to shower not bathe, I’m not supposed to use a towel more than once. It’s a pain in my ass. Not literally, but you get what I mean.

Anyway, so I have been trying all sorts of different hair removal products to try to avoid shaving. I’ve avoided Nair because it’s so full of chemicals but alas, I’d reached the point where nothing else was working.

It worked great on my legs and arms and underarms. My chest… not so much. My hair is already growing back after less than 24 hours.

But why did Nair cause me a visit to the walk-in clinic? Apparently I left it on for a little too long and burned the living shit out of my stomach, right arm, and both shoulders.

I was in so much pain this morning I was laying on my unburned side on the exam table trying not to throw up because I was nauseous from the pain. The Physician’s Assistant who saw me gave me what I anticipated she would, Silvadene cream. She told me to put it on after I shower and go lay down in bed for a couple days without clothes on and use ice packs for pain.

Oh, I forgot to mention some of the Nair got on my nipples and I almost burned them off too.

I am NEVER using Nair again. Just kidding. I’m going to try it again on my legs but I am not going anywhere near my chest with that shit. My arms… we’ll see.

I have a friend from India who said she would buy my lots of wax the next time she goes home for a visit because apparently it’s super cheap there? I can’t afford to have a professional wax me, so this is what I’m relegated to. Burning my nipples off.

On the plus side, I do know that one of the medicines I’ll be on once I start hormones is also used for severe folliculitis and acne. So I’ll be blocking evil testosterone AND killing bacteria. SCORE!

Speaking of hormones. I see the transition specialist Monday morning. I saw my therapist on Tuesday and expressed my fear of the emotional side effects of the hormones. She is a little concerned that I’m biting off more than I can chew with tackling finishing my bachelor’s degree, moving when I’m done with that, transitioning, and writing my book. Soooo, she told me she thought it might be good to scale back a little.

I’m still starting hormones as soon as I’m cleared by the specialist. I’m going to continue writing my book. I’m going to finish the two classes I’m enrolled in and slow down on school. My goal was to get my 18 classes that I need to finish my degree done by April at the latest. That’s not going to happen. So here are my goals/timelines for my life and goals:

Finish University: December 2016

Apply to Graduate School: Summer 2016

Move to Massachusetts (where I will be hopefully going to graduate school): Fall 2016

Start Graduate School: January 2017

Turn in Finished Manuscript of my Book: December 2016

Start hormones:  January 2016

Transition Surgery: January 2018

I think that’s it by way of BIG life events. In other good news: a friend who is a photographer by profession has offered to do some head shots. We have to nail down a date, I’m kinda excited. A lot excited. I bought a new wig that looks super adorable on me (pictures to come). I’ve lost 40% of my excess body weight and am where most patients are when they are 6 months since surgery; and I’m only 3 months since surgery. My weight-loss surgeon thinks I’ll have no problems getting to my goal weight. We’ll see how/what weight gain will come with hormones.

Also, I have an editor!! They are doing some research (reading Tyler Oakley’s book, and Jenny Lawson’s first book) to get a feel for my writing style in this book. Once they have read those then I’ll submit my first two chapters. I’m so excited.

That’s all I have for tonight lovelies. Shabbat Shalom to my fellow friends who observe and I hope you had a great New Years Eve and that your 2016 is filled with love and happiness.

Until next time my lovelies!


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Byeeeeeeeeee 🙂