I’ve been thinking a lot about the Mourner’s Kaddish lately, and the observation of the Yahrzeit as an anniversary of a death that changed me, changed how I view death and life is coming up.

Why do we fear death? It’s inevitable. All life has to end. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the luxury of knowing when and under what circumstances we will die. However, that should not make us fear death. Is it the fear of the unknowns? The fear of not knowing how or when we might die? Or what happens to us after we die?

I came to Judaism looking for answers about death and the afterlife, as many do to various religions. Jews don’t really have a clear cut answer about the afterlife.

Part of what attracts me to Judaism is the diversity in thought and belief. The debate and interpretation of belief and the sacred texts.

While I may not know where my loved one is since she died; I find solace in reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish on her Yahrzeit.

Her death forced me to open my eyes to the reality of the world I lived in. I had built myself a delusional little world, ignoring all the problems and thinking that everything was hunky dory and peachy keen.

It also forced not only myself, but my family as well, to think of death in practical terms. Everyone (excluding me) bought burial plots. I created my will, which reminds me that I’ll need to revise it once I change my name legally.

I think death became less scary to us and more practical. Like something we check off our to do list. I was so discombobulated when my aunt was dying and she was getting her affairs in order and planning her funeral and so forth. It seemed too morbid, too unnatural. But once this other death occurred, I understood for some reason.

What are your thoughts or fears about death? Leave them in the comments below, or comment on this post on Facebook. I will post an update regarding my personal life journey later this week. I’m going to include some links below for more information about the Yahrzeit and the Mourner’s Kaddish.

Be well and safe my lovelies.



http://bit.ly/1Pg53Zr – Yahrzeit

http://bit.ly/1Jh6q86 – Mourner’s Kaddish


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