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March 2016

Everyday Struggles

I’ve been trying to come up with a blog topic for a couple weeks and I’ve had writers block, so I apologize for the hiatus. I still don’t really have a topic so I thought I’d just update everyone on what’s going on in my life, while my laundry is in the dryer.

I had my next appointment with my transition doctor on Friday. I’m now on the full dose of hormones. 2mg of estradial and (I think) 100mg of Spironolactone. The past few weeks I’ve been noticing various changes that leads me to think all the excess testosterone in my body has finally disappeared thanks to the Spironolactone. During my physical he said my breasts were developing nicely (albeit unevenly, I know breasts are asymmetrical but I hope it’s not like a huge difference.) He said I have some good tissue building up under my skin, he also said that’s why my breasts have been so tender the past few days. He said that’ll be around for a while probably. 

Now that I’m on the full dose of hormones I can officially start counting down until I can have surgery in two years time. (729 days for those counting).

I had made the decision to look for a full time job here in Iowa that will help pay for school to finish my bachelors degree and to have insurance that covers my transition. I’m not having much luck so far, I’m either over qualified or don’t qualify because I don’t have my degree. It’s a frustrating place to be in. 

I’m beginning to think if I don’t find a job here in Des Moines soon I’m going to set my sights for Massachusetts and start looking for a job out there. It’s where I’m going to end up, but if I’m having little luck here maybe a move sooner than planned is worth the thought.

My graduate school is waiting patiently for me to finish my undergrad so I can start my graduate program.

It would appear my laundry is ready to be folded. I’ll post again soon. Ta ta for now!



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Happy Anniversary

It’s come to my attention that I have been on hormones for 58 days now. I never thought that this would be the path my life would take, much less that I would have the opportunity to live my life authentically and be true to myself.

Since starting hormones; ney since I started living full time as Rivka, I have never been happier. I’m so much more comfortable in my own skin and I have an overall feeling of peace, happiness, and calmness. I feel like I’m finally correct.

My transition specialist upped my dosage of my hormones about two weeks ago and I have noticed my mood has leveled out. I’m not as mood swingy. I’m also noticing joy and happiness more. When I first started the hormones I noticed my “high” moods seemed or felt stunted; whereas my “low” emotions were more prominent. This has leveled out and I feel more like myself again. I do still have mood swings, though they are far fewer.

The hot flashes are still problematic but not as often. My skin is starting to clear up; I was having issues with folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles) that was aggravated by shaving.

I may, much to many’s protest, attempt to use nair again. We shall see. Once I get on private insurance with an employer I intend to see a dermatologist and hopefully they’ll recommend laser hair removal (which is a treatment for folliculitis that is not responding to other treatments, which mine hasn’t for the most part).

I’m still looking for a job to help pay for school and (hopefully) my transition. I have an interview next week with a company that has a very good benefits package. I’m hoping the interview goes well and that they hire me.

That is all I have for now. Happy 60 day hormone anniversary to me in two days. 🙂

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